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The Honeysuckle House, Andrea Cheng

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character traits list
Main characters: Sarah and Ting

  • The characters of Sarah and Ting (Tina) tell the story in alternating chapters in their first person perspective. The characters are compelling. Sarah, doesn’t want to be lumped in with Ting as Chinese. Tina also is missing her best friend who has moved away. She is tired of telling people that she doesn’t speak Chinese. Ting is in the process of learning English and a new culture. Both girls desperately want a friend. Ting and Sarah realize that they have preconceived expectations about each other based on their Chinese heritage. Throughout the story, the preconceived ideas become chipped away and a true friendship forms.
  • Theme -- Friendship, acceptance, and the meeting of cultures are themes throughout the story.
  • Tone and Style -- The alternating voices of the characters help to create the story.

Focus: Character Traits, how a character changes from the beginning of the book to the end.
Objective: To give an oral power point presentation about how a character in Honeysuckle House changes..

Power point presentation:

1. 1 Title Slide, book title, author, 1 image, your name
2. 3 Vocabulary word slides
3. 2 figurative language slides
4. 3 character traits slides, beginning, middle, and end
5. Summary slide: how the character changed from the beginning to the end of the novel

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